October 21, 2008

Tip # 10 -What does she say when you call?

ONLY Her Actions Reflect Her Feelings.

Getting ten home phone numbers will result in only five dates.

The other five will give you the "NO" on the phone they couldn't give you in person.

That "no" on the phone will come in a variety of forms.

We could spend years trying to figure out why she cannot actually say the 'N' word. As a rational person you might even ask yourself, "Why didn't she tell me she had a boyfriend, or was living with a guy, rather than give me her number and then not go out with me?"

Remember this: Only her ACTIONS truly reflect her FEELINGS.

Her words spoke her phone number. Her actions told a different story.
Actions don't just speak louder than words, actions SCREAM the truth at you.

The truth is, women with low Interest are inconsistent.

So she gave you her home phone number, implying she had some interest in you, and now she is telling you something different on the phone.

She's being 'creative' and here are some examples of that creativity:

"I have to get my head together, so I'm moving to Siberia, but I'll send you my address when I get there."
(Notice she doesn't even ask for your address so she can actually send you her Siberian address when she gets there.)
"I don't have time for men right now, but let's talk later."
(Would she be saying that to Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson?)
"I'm busy for the next three weeks, but let's do lunch one day."
(She likes you so much she can't find one hour of free time out of the next 504 hours.)
"I've got a lot going on right now, but let's keep in touch."
(Translation: Don't call me anymore)
"To tell you the truth I'm not really interested in a relationship right now."
(Translation: "I'm not really interested in a relationship-WITH YOU-right now!)
"I am on a long distance call…could I call you back… what's your number?"
(She doesn't even have a pen in her hand)
"Right now is just a bad time, but maybe in the future-who knows?"
(Translation: You definitely have me mixed up with a woman who cares about you.)

Notice how all of these variations of "good-bye forever" always give you, the eager male, a slight 'glimmer' of hope. Because she never actually says "good-bye forever."

She uses her creativity to make you think there may someday be a chance for you. Sorry to say, that day will never come. You would win the lottery before that ever happens.

If you want to have some fun, the next time a woman you call expresses her 'creativity' in a similar way, simply ask her point blank, "Why did you give me your number?" She will begin to sputter and stutter, and if she's really good you'll hear some real creativity. But if you do have the courage and confidence to ask that question, be sure to shut up after asking.

Simply say "Why did you give me your number?" and then don't say a word. Her response will be very interesting, and yet another lesson.

Her Interest and Her Self Esteem

Women with low self esteem and low Interest GO OUT on dates: because they want attention.

They know that any attention is better than no attention.

Her motto: "Men are to date, not to fall in love with."

Her rationale: "Maybe, with time and the right circumstances I could get to like him."

Women with average self esteem and low Interest BREAK dates because they cannot say NO to your face.
They can only say NO to your voice through a phone line or voicemail. Remember how she seemed to like you?

Her rationale for giving you her number, and then turning you down is, "I was only being polite."

Women with high self esteem and low Interest DON'T MAKE dates because they are honest.

These women don't want to mislead men, they care about men's feelings, are sweet and supportive.

These women don't want to use men, don't want to waste men's time, they love puppies, and think it is immoral and classless to go on a date unless they have at least 51% Interest in you. (It's nice to know there is still hope!)

Women with high self esteem and high Interest are the ideal combination.

Using Matt's Method you know what to do to take control of your love life.

If not, keep coming back. Much more to come.

When she say's..

Guys - What She Means

Talk to the Woman,
not her Machine

When you leave a message, you're not in control, you are putting HER in control. You're trying to find your way in the dark.

Your first, step is to make sure her level of interest stays higher than yours.

Why? Because that will insure that your agenda takes precedent.

The one with the lower interest level controls the relationship...

Method Tip # 10

It's what she DOES not what she SAYS that counts

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