October 05, 2008

Men & women: similarities

From the day a person is born, gender is an easy way to categorize people. When you are a member of one group, it's easy to spot differences rather than similarities in members of the other group. However, men and women share more similarities than one might think. Let’s look at some of them.

- Both men and women are self-centered and selfish. Both sides are taking their narrow views on the issue; so don’t waste your time, trying to change your partner by imposing your values and opinions. We all want the other side to be cooperative, living up to our standards and expectations. However, both sides are rebellious, vindictive, and egocentric; therefore, neither side ever yields.

- Both men and women may be willing to sacrifice their interests or values to please the second half at the beginning of dating; but eventually, as a relationship develops further, they will start protecting themselves, and become selfish again. Both sides are forced to be stubborn by others' criticism to sustain their dignity and principles.

- Both sides will start a fight. Either side will lose temper, if the other side keeps on adding fuel to the fire. Usually the male side is held responsible, because men are hitting a lot harder than women.

- Deep inside everyone is looking for love. Even the most vicious killer Adolph Hitler could not resist women’s love. Both sides need proper care, getting support, help or encouragement when we are sick, feeling low, or make mistakes. Also, female needs more company and attention to her inside feeling, and male needs care about his outside habits, like cleaning up.

- Both sides need appreciation from the others. Recognition is directly linked to our sense of value, attitude, and zest for life.

- Men like to compare women, and women like to compare men. Men rate women by their appearance; women rank men by their wealth, looks, and vehicles they drive.

- Both men and women have biological cycles. On certain days of the month women tend to be more emotional. The reason is an excessive amount of liquid in their bodies and brains during PMS. Although men don’t have periods, their moods and energy levels are also cyclic. If you know your partner long enough, you will learn to recognize the signals of such cycles and cope with them.

- Both sides are willing to give advice, even if no one is asking their opinion. Usually the more knowledgeable side will give advice more actively, and if both sides think they are more informed, the arguments will be endless.

- Both sides are jealous. Deep inside men and women are exactly the same in jealousy, but usually male can hide it better than females.

- Both sides will have casual affairs. Times when women had to go to jail, or be drown in a pig cage for love affairs have gone, so why not?

- Both male and female are suspicious. The only difference is female have higher alertness, they will carefully observe the slightest change in the man’s behaviour, while men will usually disregard or take them longer to aware from female.

- Both sides have trouble being dependable. Simply because we usually make promises on the spur of the moment, without considering thoroughly about whether we have enough abilities and patience to keep them. Usually men are forced to make more promises than women.

- Both sides are denying responsibilities, especially when it comes to dealing with their children. Our rebellious spirit will not accept any blame for not taking good care of the children; we will strike back with the same accusations.

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