October 05, 2008

12 clues to improve relationships with men

12 clues to improve relationships with men

As one has finally met her Mr. Prince Charming, she immediately faces a crossroad with various lines of conduct. The following clues are to reveal man.s preferences and to investigate what you should and shouldn.t do to improve relationship with him.

Clue #1. Trying to improve relationship with men, move slowly. Mind your self-esteem . never chase after him, be fairly (moderately) active. Men would love it to get a skittish invitation from you to go out. Be careful not to overdo acting as touch-me-not, since men don.t enjoy of being refused. To encourage a man to begin a serious relationship, one might need to convince him that you possess all the merits of his ideal partner. When a man is unwilling to enter into serious relationships with you, this may arise from you not being his ladylove.

Clue #2. Your should never argue, on the way to improve relationship with a guy. Let the sleeping dog lie. He is the winner and would definitely suffer if defeated. Men dont like it when one points out his mistakes or tries to seem smart. They are still in for that puerile-like contest for the palm of supremacy. Inspire self-confidence in him, admiring his strength, generosity, diligence and feelings for you.well you may tell me now that "look tanvir,this is not possible.cause i have my opinion.and i...".ok you tell this.but in other way.not with a shouts.

Clue #3. Hurling reproaches at man, you would scarcely meet a stroke of good fortune to improve relationship with him. Foolish attempts to change a man will never do. Verbal attack makes him feel confused and provokes indignation. Veil sharp criticism into tender kitty.s purr. Pout your sweet lips and a guy will admit his being wrong.

Clue #4. In desperate efforts to improve relationship with your man, keep on telling he.s the greatest lover you.ve ever met. Whisper to his left ear that you.re on cloud nine, while he is doing those sexy things with you. Never tell him about your ex-lovers and sexual experience. Flirting with other men and making a guy jealous results in jeopardizing your love.
Clue #5. Avoid being rude with him. A soft answer turns away wrath. Pretend a compliant and easy girl to get on with. Be thankful and happy, accepting his showering you with gifts. When you make an effort to improve relationship with a man, you.d better seem less independent, for he is the one to become your shelter and support.

Clue #6.
Show your interest in his business and profession, emphasize that his activities are of high importance to you. Having not the foggiest idea of the issue, ask him for advice and explanation. When you.re aimed to improve relationship with men, be swift to hear, slow to speak.

Clue #7. Show an overflow of respect to man.s parents. Tell that you adore them, especially his mother. Devote as much attention to her, as possible. One that respects not is not respected.

Clue #8.
Learn to improve relationship with men by not meddling in precious moment of their solitude. Leave your guy in peace, give him an opportunity to relax and turn over in his mind. From time to time, let him go out and have fun without you.

Clue #9. Take it into consideration that men are usually telling lies to improve relationship. Don.t incite your guy by being more stupid than you are. You may force him to conceal the truth, asking if you are beautiful, if he likes that girl more than you and why, if he needs you and what for, etc.

Clue #10. If you intend to improve relationship with your man by means of seduction, keep fit and let him be delighted with your tremendous beauty. Don.t misuse make up, be natural. Smile and laugh more frequently, never look sad . you are not a dramatic actress. Probably, one day he will realize you are irresistible

Clue #11. In the end of the day you are up to call him.He was busy with his work.Now you are going to catch him.[and you going to ask what the hell happen to him that he could not call you even for a munite? why his ph was busy?with whom he was talking?who is that girl?was she "x" or "z"? and start to tell that he dont love you anymore...etc etc.
tell him these.and let me tell you whats could going in his mind?He just want to cut and put the phone down.

Clue #12.Dont talk a lot with a subject that doesnot attract him.It surely turns his emotion upside down.

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