October 20, 2008

Getting your Ex-GirlFriend Back with Romance

If you and your girlfriend have broken up and all you can think is “How do I get my girlfriend back” then I have some tips for you that may well help you to get your ex back.

Women love romance, theres no doubt about it. So assuming that there is still a spark between you, it’s your job to build it up into a roaring fire.

Now this is important! Donot do any of these things if you and your ex girlfriend have had a bad break up and she has made it clear that she does not want you around. Doing any of these things in that case could make you look like a stalker.

These tips are only appropriate if you and your ex are still talking, still close, still friends.

Without further ado, here is part one of 10 Ways of Getting Your Ex Girlfriend Back With Romance.

Name a Star For Her
There are several agencies that allow you to reach out to the Milky Way and name a star. You’ll be given a beautiful parchment certificate and a star chart with the location of the star now named for your ex girlfriend.

If possible present her with the certificate and star chart in person. If that isn’t practical mail them to her at home or work.

Send Her a Special Thank You Letter
Write a thank you letter listing all the things she’s done for you. Something like,

Thank you for being the best kisser that ever existed
Thank you for making me feel like the luckiest man alive
Thank you for helping me to get through the final exams, I couldn’t have done it without you
Thank you for helping me when I was sick with the flu
You get the idea. Now end the letter by saying something like, “How about giving me a chance to pay you back for all you’ve done for me”.

Make a Video For Your Ex
Sit down in front of a camera and make a video of yourself apologising for everything you might have done to cause the break up. Keep it light, smile, but be sincere. Post the video on YouTube and then send her an email with the URL.

Wow Her With a Balloon Bouquet Surprise
Have a bunch of helium balloons printed with a special message for your ex girlfriend. Something funny is best like, “It Makes Glen Smile”, then a happy face and then, “Just Thinking About Michelle”. Tie the balloon bouquet to a post or fence or on her car, somewhere your ex is sure to see it. This works best if you know a bit about your ex girlfriends schedule.

Send Your Ex Girlfriend a Top Ten List
Write out a funny top ten list of reasons that you and your ex should get back together. Keep it light. Make it read something like,

Top Ten Reasons Michelle Should Get Back Together With Glen:

Reason Ten
Glen’s friends will think he’s an idiot if he loses a girl as wonderful as Michelle.

Reason Nine,
When he’s with Michelle even Glen is good looking

Once you have your list text or email them to your ex girlfriend one per day.

Now remember, don’t do any of these things if there is a lot of anger surrounding the break up of you and your ex. You do not want to come off as a stalker.

Send Her a Message In a Bottle
Write a lovely romantic letter to your ex girlfriend on parchment paper. Roll it up like a scroll and tie it with a ribbon. Get a clear plastic bottle, slip your letter inside, tape her address on the bottle and mail it to her. Yup, the USPS will take it.

Get Extravagant With Flowers
Send your ex a really luscious bouquet. I’m not talking about a dozen roses here, that’s a real “been there done that” sort of thing anyway. I’m talking about a big, beautiful, bouquet, one that sets you back at least a hundred dollars.

Send it to her at her work if possible so all her friends will see it. If she works in a place where that isn’t practical, then send it to her at home at a time when you’re sure she’ll be there.

Don’t get all gushy with the card. Keep your message simple. Something like “Thinking of You” will do just fine.

Take Her Out For a Not So Casual Lunch
Ask your ex out for a casual lunch. Why not? You’re still friends right? Have a basket packed with an extravagant picnic lunch, complete with chilled wine and caviar, ready in the trunk of your car. Take her to the most beautiful and romantic spot available to you.

Sweep Her Off Her Feet and Into the Clouds
This one can be a bit difficult to arrange, but it’s a great way of getting your ex girlfriend back. Take her for a surprise hot air balloon ride.

Hot air balloons usually launch early in the morning so you will have to ask your ex girlfriend out for breakfast. Make sure there is a bottle of chilled champagne ready at the end of the flight. Very romantic if you can pull it off.

Write Her a Poem
Poetry is too romantic. Write her a long loving poem that talks about all her wonderful qualities. Can’t write poetry? Do a search for love poems, find one you like and write it again in your own words line by line. Make sure you are thinking of your ex girlfriend’s likes, dislikes and qualities while you write. Once you have the rhythm going it’s pretty easy to do.

Remember not to get over sentimental or mushy and absolutely do not beg. Be fun! Make her laugh. That’s the way to get your ex back.

And one last warning. These tips will only have a chance of working if you and your ex are still friends. If she is very angry with you, if she has made it clear that she doesn’t want to talk to you than don’t push it. I’m not saying the situation is hopeless, but being fun and romantic will not help you right now.

On the other hand, if you and your ex girlfriend are still friends. If you talk on the phone, text each other, confide in each other, if there is still a spark between you, than these 10 romantic ways of getting your ex girlfriend back may be just what you need to rebuild the fire between you

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