January 16, 2010

Romantic Surprise Ideas

Romantic Surprise Ideas

www.atozrelationship.blogspot.com cares about your relationship. I am happy to offer these tips on how to prepare a romantic surprise for your lover. We hope you like these ideas.

* Surprise them with breakfast in bed.

* Surprise her with dinner and dancing. (On dinner and a movie date night)

* Keep your relationship full of surprises.

* Surprise your lover with a deep shoulder massage while they are at the computer, doing tedious work.

* Surprise her by handing her the remote.

* Give him little surprises where he least expects it.

* Surprise them often with different comments. (Like telling them that you don't THINK you love them, but you KNOW you do...)

* If their favorite sports team is in town, surprise them with two tickets.

* On your first anniversary, surprise them with a limousine ride for the night. The two of you can cuddle in the back just like you did on your prom night and enjoy a night on the town.

* Fulfill one of their teenage fantasies: borrow or rent a convertible and surprise them with a moonlit ride.

* Surprise your partner by unexpectedly doing something for them that they dislike doing.

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