October 08, 2008

Valentine day : how to give surprise [and more]

How to Surprise Your Boyfriend

Surprises add spice in any relationship if they are pleasant. They drive away the dull moments and give the relationship a fresh momentum. If your boyfriend is playful and adventurous in nature, he is bound to love your surprises. And even if he is easy going, you can try various measures to surprise your boyfriend. And it is not very difficult to surprise your boyfriend, as you are the one who knows him best. You know what he likes and what he dislikes. If he is expecting certain things from you for quite some time now, keep him on hold. Let the Valentine’s Day come and give him everything as Valentine’s Day gifts. And if you can cook up certain things which he would have never expected from you, that can be excellent Valentine’s Day ideas.

Surprises keep the magic of love intact in a relationship. What better way to impress your boyfriend than by surprising him with something that he never had and never expected. There are various gift shops and sites providing various types of unique and creative gifts that will help you in surprising your boyfriends. Some girls date muscular guys and others have intellectual types. What sort of guy your boyfriend is? Keep what are his likes and dislikes in mind before purchasing a gift for him.

Brainy Boyfriends
What better way to impress your Albert Einstein than by gifting him a bestseller or a novel of his favorite author. To heat up the passions, surprise your boyfriend with a Sidney Sheldon's erotic novel.

Hunky Boyfriend
He is obsessed with his looks and stands for hours in front of the mirror to check his six pack abs and asks you again and again how he looks, in his denim jeans and white T-shirt. Weird! For such Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt obsessed boyfriends, a nice facial or a clothing hamper will do justice.

But if you are planning to give surprises as Valentine’s Day gifts, you must some how confirm that your boyfriend would like them.

Here are some suggestions regarding how to surprise your boyfriend, which are:

Arrange a surprise dinner party for your boyfriend.

Call up all your boyfriends' friends and arrange a party.

Contact those persons who are close to your boyfriend and with whom he has not met for a long time and arrange for a meeting, so that he gets to meet them.

Buy some gifts for his pets.

Dedicate a song to him with the help of a radio station.

Write a songs or poems for him and give them as personalized Valentine’s Day gifts.

Give him a gift that he would like to possess.

If your boyfriend is residing in a distant land, then give him a surprise by arriving there without prior information.

These are some of the tips to surprise your boyfriend that can make your Valentine’s Day special.

Love & Valentine Ideas

Valentine ideas, if they are good and appeal to your beloved can change the equation of your love life for all the time to come. This is because your Valentines Day ideas that get reflected in your Valentine's Day gifts reveal the intensity of your emotion. So, while with the valentine ideas of giving flowers and cards you can play safe, giving expression to some unique Valentine's Day ideas may help in establishing your identity instantly.

Valentine Gift Baskets In your valentine gift basket you have to collect all those things that are favorites of your beloved. Besides you have to include some Valentines Day gift ideas that truly reflect your feelings of love and care. If your valentine ideas are innovative and unique it will impress him or her most.
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
And don't hesitate to take aid of awesome Valentine Day Gift Ideas that are sure to instill

Use Body Language!!!

Number 1 tip
in all cases SMILE and hold his/her gaze!!!

Bake Valentine cookies, shaped into hearts, or with heart-shaped frosting.
Hand them out to a group of people when your "crush" is in the group.
Save one special cookie, offer it to the crushee, smile and say, "This is a special one - let me know if you like it."

Hold the crushee's gaze and touch an arm if you can.

OR bake a fortune cookie - and tuck your own personal message for the crushee into the cookie.

Think - laughing eyes...

SMILE - if you're not sure about your smile - practice!
In front of a mirror -
If you don't like what you see - WORK on it...
Buy tooth whitener - if you have to...
Of course, you want your smile to be real - no faking, no smirking - PLEASE - that's worse than no smile at all.

What's the secret?
Think of things that make you smile or laugh.
Put together a list of things that you can think about before you start - fun things you've done, great people, jokes that make you twinkle!

You've just sent out a zinger of a Valentine message!!!

Simple - But Effective Approach

Hand out candy hearts
Wink at your "crush" as you give your (candy) heart to him/her.

If you blush, all the better.

It sends out a strong message.

and most of all -


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