October 10, 2008

Impress a girl on the date

Impress a Girl on a Date
Posted by Hassan mahmud Tanvir

Asked your sweetheart on date ? but do you have no idea of what goes in a date ? or how to make the time memorable and mesmerizing for the opposite sex ? Here's how to impress a girl on a date and make her enjoy your company.

Things You are Gonna Need

A car or any transport.
Flowers (when appropriate).
Sophisticated and sexy appearance.


Take the initiative. If you don't invite her on a date, she most likely won't invite you. Be nice when inviting her; you could let her pick the place you go and you can pick her up at her place. However, don't spend a large amount of time deciding what to do. Be decisive. Have a plan B as often as possible.
Be a real gentleman. Buy her live flowers, open the car door, restaurant doors, everything. Girls love that.
Just be yourself. All you have to do is relax and don't worry about what she may be thinking of you. Have no fear about putting yourself out there; that will just make her enjoy your company. You'll show her you are comfortable around her.
Have a good sense of humor! Laugh at her jokes and smile. Never tell sad experiences, don't turn the date into a sad thing. Stay confident.
Set goals. The most important goal to set is making her feel comfortable with you. Ask her about what she does, likes, what her favorite movies are, and tell her about yours.
Be a good listener, switch "uh-huhs" for nods and smiles, and don't show disinterest.
Make sure you smile when you meet her, so that she will know you are excited to see her.
Tell her she looks great.
Listen to her carefully
Make sure you don't go too quickly on your date.


Make sure you bring enough money.
After the date, give her another flower. Tell her how much you enjoyed her company and leave her at her place.
Remember to walk her up to the door when you drop her off. Don't just leave her there at the curb.
Remember to dress nicely.
Try to keep hairstyles relatively modest. Girls worth dating appreciate the well-groomed man.
Have clean-looking facial hair. Get it trimmed or shaved off.
If you are a messy eater, don't order spaghetti or any other messy food at a restaurant.
Music. Make sure you ask what kind she likes before putting on your favorite tunes. She might not enjoy them.
Talk about where she got her hair to look that nice, or dress, or whatever.
Don't kiss her unless you know she wants to be kissed. Some signs include her constantly looking at you then curling her lips, but the biggest sign is when you're taking her back to her place; if she jiggles her keys before she goes into the house, it means she want to be kissed. Otherwise there is a lot less chance.

Don't suggest what she should eat (unless asked). Let her choose what she wants to eat.
Don't tell her about your "sexy stories" or sad experiences.
Don't speak about your ex. This will upset her and make her mad.
Don't talk about money; it's a turn off.
Don't wear dirty clothes.
Don't be a girl about anything.

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