October 10, 2008

How to Make a Guy Jealous - 3 Tricks That NEVER Fail

How To Make A Guy Jealous

Trick 1: Have fun!

If you're going to make your man jealous for you, you better turn your attention to other things aside from him.

Get out there with your friends ad start doing the things you gals love doing the most. You can and MUST enjoy things like - watching movies, partying, sleeping over one of your friend's place, etc.

Just keep this in mind - HAVE FUN.

Trick 2: Turn yourself into someone worth chasing for.

A guy will only be jealous if they want someone that another guy also wants. And that means being attractive and appealing to men in general.

This may involve visiting the gym regularly, eating the right kind of foods, etc. - anything that will keep you in great shape.

Not to mention you get the attention of the other males which will make him want you more.

Trick 3: Get out there and date someone else!

Remember, a guy will only chase you and be jealous if another man has also set your sights on you. Dating someone else create that situation.

Who knows, dating another guy might land you with a better partner.

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