October 17, 2008

The ABC's of Great Sex

Great sex seems to wane as Marriage gains. Here's how to keep the excitement!

A - Accept and appreciate your partner for who they are. Avoid doing the same thing over and over. Great sex should be an adventure! Aromatic fragrances are acceptable in the bedroom.

B - Believe in your ability to satisfy your partner, then do it. Savor, wallow and bask in the bliss of coming together.

C - Be Considerate of your partner's needs. Stop when they say, "No!"

D - Disappear occasionally. It's okay to occasionally want to be alone while in a relationship. Daydream about your next sexcapade together and watch desire build. Try an afternoon delight!

E - Enjoy something different for a change of pace. It's exciting and invigorating. Explicit and energetic exploits empower the sexual experience. Hold your partner in a loving embrace at least once each day.

F - Forgive your partner when things go wrong. Not forgiving shows up in the bedroom. Always strive to fulfill your lover's desires. Asking, "Wanna fool around?" is a great question.

G - Generosity. Always give more than you take. Guys, always make sure your partner comes first (if you know what I mean). Pleasure her with gusto.

H - Share the housework. Nowhere is it written that housework should be only and always a woman's job. (And the women all say, "Amen!"). Being hedonistic in the boudoir keeps love alive!

I - Investigate new ways of making love. It pumps new excitement into the relationship and keeps it fresh. Innovate! Be creative.

J - Just do it. Do what, you say? Hmmmmm. If you have to ask, click here!

K - Passionately kissing your lover is often the magic connection to great sex.

L - Love. Tell your partner you love them. . . often. Say it aloud. Say it while making love. Do things that help them know you do. Lusting after your lover is a good thing.

M - Masturbate and let your partner watch. It's okay to take care of yourself when you are alone too.

N - Never do anything sexually that you and your partner cannot agree upon. NEVER!

O - Oral sex creates excitement. Open your eyes. Watch what is going on in your relationship. Handle it with care.

P - Practice does not make you perfect, it only makes you better. Be prepared for your next tumble in the hay; have candles, lubricants, sex toys, condoms, etc., handy. Passionately whisper words of love while making love. Pleasure and passion are the keywords.

Q - Quit being shy. Ask for what you want. Your partner cannot read your mind. Quietly basking in the "afterglow;" tenderly only holding each other can express Love far deeper than can words.

R - Respect your partner. Mutual respect in your relationship is an absolute necessity for it to grow. Read and study sexual techniques. Get racy, rank, risqué and raunchy every once in awhile. Relish the moment!

S - Sexuality & spirituality go together. Making love is the highest spiritual connection you can make with each other. Stimulate your lover. Slow down. Snuggle. Take your time. Savor the moment. Soft seductive sounds - music, soft moans, etc., - can add some spice to your most passionate moments.

T - Trust is the foundation of a healthy love relationship. Without it there can be no effective communication. Without communication there can be no genuine intimacy.

U - Understand what your partner needs sexually. Ask, then do and do it unwaveringly.

V - Visualize making love to your partner before you do. See what you would like to have happen. Vary the velocity of your strokes, fondling, caressing, licking and touching; vigorous, then gentle, vigorous, then gentle!

W - Keep a watchful eye on your relationship outside of the bedroom. You will see that it makes a BIG difference as to what goes on "in" the bedroom.

X - Xcite your lover with the unexpected. Xcellerate, then slow down. Watch an x-rated movie together.

Y - Yield to the moment while making love. Surrender. Say, "yes" to Love!

Z - Zest for adventure in the relationship. Zero in on pleasure with genuine zeal.


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