September 15, 2008

Attract him

Attract him
Every single woman must know that men love it when...

• She asks for advice, but not only about electronics, gadgets or other typically "male" stuff.
• She eats like a person and not like a bird.
• She holds her hair with a pencil.
• She is independent, but doesn't make him feel an accessory.
• She is more than a superficial girl.
• She is not a daddy's girl.
• She is playful.
• She kisses him creatively.
• She knows how to enjoy a good conversation, too.
• She knows how to reply intelligently to a sarcastic joke.
• She knows how to walk and how to dance.
• She knows how to get dressed (and undressed).
• She knows what she wants in life.
• She knows what she wants to do.
• She learns how to behave childishly without being spoiled.
• She gives him an unexpected phone call.
• She shows herself feminine.
• She shows herself sexy and smart at the same time.
• She shows she reads newspaper or books, not just those bloody magazines.
• She knows how to dress to attract the opposite sex.

Well Do you know exactly what to do to make the man you're interested in quickly feel that spark of interest and attraction for you? How can you get that special man that you’re in love with him, but you’re not sure if he feels the same way to notice and pay attention to you? In other words, do you know how to make that guy fall in love with you?

Here is the SECRET: Just Be Different Than Other Women! That’s IT!

A man loves being around a woman who has more to talk about than the boring everyday stuff. Talking to him about things like problems at work, how tired you feel, what you had for lunch, will lead to the plain old BOREDOM.

When you meet a man, asking him what he does for a living or talking about your job is also boring. It's what every other woman does!

A man will LOVE being around you if you communicate a love and enjoyment of life, and you bring a unique and UPBEAT ENERGY that shows you have fun and interesting things OF YOUR OWN going on. This will set you APART from every other woman a man knows. And it will make him want to spend more and more time with you.

The women a man is looking to AVOID are the women looking for a man to fill their life and make it more interesting and fun. The woman a man can't help but FALL FOR is the woman who is already doing great things in her own life which naturally attract a man into wanting to be more a part of it.

Well, here are other tips that can help you in order to make a guy fall in love with you:

Be yourself - whether you’re goofy, silly, crazy, or the coolest person

Get his attention. He can’t fancy you if he doesn’t know you exist.

Take an interest in who he is–what he likes, where he’s coming from, where he wants to go, (but don’t try to get too personal) and show him who you are, too.

Don’t try to talk to him all the time or else he will get very annoyed and may not like you.

Have a sense of humor. If you’re serious about everything, you’re boring!

He may develop feelings for you if you flirt a little bit.

Try being alone if you want him to ask you out.

Don’t make yourself too available

Remember, whatever you are, that’s OK. Don’t cover yourself up! Femininity – no matter what shape or form it comes in - is sexy. And you don’t have to worry about conforming to societal standards of femininity, either (you’re a woman!). Therefore, anything you do is “feminine”! Learn to embrace your natural femininity, and use it make him start falling in love with you!

Have you ever known any women who seem to be “lucky in love” and where everything involving men seems to come easily and effortlessly to them? Let me tell you…It is not a magic. You don't need to be gorgeous or young either. And you don't have to be LUCKY too.

What you NEED to do is LEARN the secrets!

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