August 31, 2008

Relationship Between Man And Women

How To Attract Women

Hellow friends,
One of the problems some guys face is that they do not know how to attract women particularly the ones who are pretty and this is usually because they just don't know how or what they have tried did not work. The good thing though is that there are several ways to attract pretty women and this article would show you some of them.

The first way is to be confident, women like guys who are confident and are not afraid to do what they want when they want. So if you want to attract women you need to be confident, if you are not there are several books or courses that would show you how.

Another good way to attract pretty women is to be funny, humour is one of the top characteristics that attracts women to men. So if you are trying to attract a woman try to funny whenever you can, just ensure that you do not do it too much and make her think you are not a serious person.

You can also attract women using your body language and this is because it is not really what you say that matters but how you say it. Body language refers to how you behave and act when you are talking to a woman and some good body language characteristics you should have include maintaining eye contact, talking clearly, making sure you are well dressed for the occasion and being comfortable when you are talking to women.

A lot of guys are shy and find it difficult to talk to women and this is makes things hard for them as women are attracted to men who can easily talk to them without fear or anxiety. Remember your actions speak louder than your words, so if you want to attract women you need to have the right body language.

How To Attract The Opposite Sex
ROMANCE is a hot but sometimes elusive commodity. Almost everybody wants it; few know how to get it, and even fewer know how to keep it.

A popular belief is that people simply fall in love because of something mystical or because the stars line up in the right position. But those who study the subject say there is a lot you can do to enhance your chances of attracting a suitable mate.

"Romance is a very deliberate process," says Dr. Larry Davis, a Washington University (St. Louis) psychologist. People search for mates with, as Davis puts it, similar "romantic market values"-the sum of our romantic worth.

3 Questions No Job Seeker Ever Wants To Be Asked? In today's competitive romance market it is best to leave nothing to chance. Relationship experts say you should know what type of involvement you want - serious or casual - and you should be realistic about the type of mate you hope to attract. Then put yourself in position to meet Mr. or Ms. Right. "Going to nightclubs exclusively cuts you off from a vast number of possibilities," says Dr. Victor McCarley, a Dayton, Ohio, psychologist. Instead, counselors say, you could join a professional club or association, go to an art gallery opening, or take an evening course. Churches also have activities for singles.

If you are experiencing a romance drought, counselors suggest you increase your "market value" and thus your attractiveness by following a few simple rules.

Appear approachable

A pleasant voice, good eye contact, and a warm smile make you appear approachable. Designer clothes aren't as impressive as a dynamic smile, researches say. Flirting with a man or woman in whom you are interested is another approach, says Dr. Virginia Beard, a St. Louis psychologist who thinks black women have lost the art of batting their eyes, walking seductively and flirting in general.

* Increase the "intrigue factor"

You can become more "intriguing," Dr. Larry Davis says, by finding an unusual interest, such as scuba diving or collecting Ghanaian art or Portuguese jewelry. Traveling to exotic places or becoming well-versed in a sport can also make you more interesting. Donald R. Davidson, Jr., chief financial officer for a Chicago investment banking firm, says what initially interested him in his girlfriend of eight years is that she had traveled to South Africa. Actress Vonetta McGee, who appears with her husband Carl Lumbly in the film To Sleep With Anger, says she was "intrigued" by his musical taste - he played Prince's Purple Rain during rehearsal - and by his manners. "The day before we met on the set of Cagney and Lacey, Carl [Lumbly] called me to introduce himself. No actor had ever done that before," she says. "I thought, 'This man's got manners'. . . . I was really intrigued."

* Dress to enhance, not to entice

Many people, according to San Francisco social scientist Dr. Julia Hare, "get caught up with the face, the body, sexual attraction and the checkbook. We see these things before we even talk with the person." Unusual and well-coordinated colors and well-tailored clothing are also eye-catching. A unique pin, ring, cologne or perfume are good conversation starters. "Dress is not about money but about taste," says Dr. Hare, who, with her psychologist-sociologist husband, Dr. Nathan Hare, has written books on Black male-female relationships. Too much "flesh hanging out" can send the wrong message, she says. What you're about is more important than what you are wearing.

* Don't get lost in the crowd

No man wants to wade through a group of girlfriends to ask a woman out, Dr. Davis says. A woman who walks into a party or club alone attracts more attention, as well as a woman accompanied only by one girlfriend or platonic friend. A man attending a social event in a threesome with a couple also appears less threatening.

* Broadway your conversational repertoire

In most circles, simply saying "Yo, baby! What's up?" won't win you any brownie points. It also is considered somewhat offensive. But you don't have to be an egghead to carry on a conversation either. "People like creative minds and are stimulated by their mates from a mental perspective, "says Dr. McCarley. When trying to catch the eye of someone in your social circle, it's better to participate in conversations rather than to sit in silence. Keep abreast of current events, sports, community developments, etc. Another turn-off, says Dr. McCarley, is to talk excessively about yourself. "To say, `I'm a banker. I make this amount of money,' instead of sharing ideas and finding out other perspective hints of narcissism." A more attractive quality is to be a good listener.

* Be assertive, but not desperately aggressive

Dating rules are a little more flexible now, but many taboos still exist. A little friendly assertiveness by women is appreciated by men, researchers say. Carole Wade, a Los Angeles graphic artist and entrepreneur, didn't get a response the first time she sent a business card to a prospective date, but the second attempt led to a lengthy relationship. The climate is generally favorable for a woman to ask a man out on a date or to offer him her phone number. In fact, Donald Davidson of Chicago says, "I think it's flattering when a woman asks me out." But the prevailing thought is that it's a little pushy to send a drink to a man. And "pushy" and "macho" are considered unattractive. When a man is overbearing in his presentation or attempts to dominate the conversation instead of respecting the feelings of others, he is usually viewed as too aggressive. Equally repelling are people who act like they haven't had a date in a decade. Counselors advise singles in the romance market to relax, have fun and don't take rejection personally. Even people who are successful usually hear a lot of no's before they hear a yes. Dr. Anne Bullock, an Atlanta-area physician, says before her marriage to Dr. Lawrence Sanders, he rejected her offer to go out for dinner a couple of times because they worked together, then he finally consented.

Relationship Between Man And Women

Dear Friend,

It's sad, but it's true.

Most people are in unhappy relationships.

The latest statistics tell us that a whopping 50% of ALL 1st marriages will end in divorce and a mind-blowing 75% of all 2nd marriages either don't (or wont) stand the test of time either.

Why do you think this is?

If your relationship is like most others, when you first got together with someone, there was lots of excitement, love, friendship, connection and yes, even passion.

Then, as time passed-- you started getting that empty feeling inside and began asking yourself questions like... "is this all there is?", "where did the passion go?", "how come I don't see you as much as I'd like", or "why can't you be the way you used to be?"

If you're not in a relationship right now-- you're probably asking yourself questions like, "why can't I find someone I really want to be with?" or "where are the people who are interested in having more fun, enjoying life and have the same values as me?"

The bottom line is that you want so much more from your relationships than you've been able to have up until now.

You've tried everything you know--but you still want more.

You want more love in your life.

More understanding.

More Passion.

A deeper connection.

Better communication

and More trust.

These are the same kinds of things we all want in our relationships. The trouble is, most of us never figure out how to have them.

The relationship between a man and a women usually begins with Attraction. This attraction is charged by usually LUST in the beginning. The Relationship between the couple opens by the Channel of Sex wherein the LUST energy is released.

The Center of Sex/Lust is Love. and slowly this Lust between couples soon starts melting down to Love.

(From this Point, I am assuming the Couple is completely devoted to each other without much EXTERNAL ATTRACTIONS - speaking only relationship wise).

Continuing ahead.. The factor of love thus grows by overpowering lust and the couple start understanding for each other and caring.

The Desire of sex is now quite controlled taking into consideration, each others feelings, emotions etc. due to the GOOD Qualities of LOVE. I.e. Caring & Kindness. And being less Dominant.

Soon This Love grows further and its blossoms into FRIENDSHIP.

This state is the place where couple are more open from inside and spend a VERY VERY VERY LONG time in this stage. Here, Each person tries to know more and deeper about the other persons life. i.e. Trying to understand further. Great Qualities like "Forgiveness", "Adjustments", "Understanding" and even "SACRIFICE" come in picture. It is the stage where couples are trying to GET over their immediate "DOMINATING" reflexes. Usually mentally programming each other for DO's and DONT's. Good Qualities of Friendship(usually seen in movies) show up in this colorful stage of relationship.

This FRIENDSHIP matures ahead and its goes ahead to next level i.e. "COMPASSION".


# a deep awareness of and sympathy for another's suffering
# the humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it

This stage is where ONE not only feels the pain of the other but also experiences it to be his/her own. It can be called more of a DEEP CONNECTION from Heart wherein Pleasure and Pain are felt without words and many a times irrespective of "Distance". It is in this state, a couple takes each other "for granted" (with a very very high level of understanding and deep faith) and try to help each other thereby "Acting/Thinking" alike. Its in this stage where one REALIZES his/her partner more than the SELF.

Crossing the Stage of "Compassion" one reaches a "Point of No-Return" in which the actions/decisions of the individual is PURELY WISDOM guided action without any attachments to the fruits of the action being performed for the other. Its in this state, the couple do not care about their actions for each other. Its sort of a BLIND love for NO REASON. Perhaps as big as an "Orthodox Mother's Love" which does not care what her "Child" is. All that matters to her is that she is the loving mother of her "Child".

Just like that The Couple who reaches this stage can be said to have experienced a taste of ETERNAL LOVE.

My personal opinion is, a Couple after reaching this HIGHEST point in this relationship and after knowing the OTHER person TO-and-THROUGH must realize how "BOTH OF YOU" are soo ONE-SAME from Inside Yet so Different. By further exploring this INNOCENT ONENESS between each other, they will automatically see this INNOCENCE in all. Thereby being blessed with "Love for All" i.e. Stage 2 of relationship between 2[two]people is now between the COUPLE and the WORLD around.

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