September 20, 2008

10 things that woman likes and dislikes

1. Good Leader on the dance floor who stays on the music.
2. Neat, clean appearance and well groomed.
3. Confident, self assured. Direct eye contact.
4. Stable career, financial security.
5. Sense of humor, quick witted, intelligent.
6. Well mannered i.e.; opens the door, introduces you to his friends, good table manners etc.
7. Physically fit, keeping weight under control.
8. Interested in what you have to say, a good listener.
9. Good in bed.
10. Nice looking.

10 Dislikes:

1. Men who can’t lead and blame it on the woman.
2. Bad breath or body odor.
3. Cheap cologne.
4. Cocky attitude, think they are “God’s gift” to women.
5. Lewd conduct on and off the dance floor.
6. Men who wear clothing that went out of style 10-20 years ago.
7. Cheap toupees. Invest in an expensive one or just go au’ natural.
8. Smokers and heavy drinkers.
9. Unemployed loser types. They can dance but don’t have a job, house, or money.
10. Dumb Guys.

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